Mr. Valavanis Laskaris portrait

Laskaris Valavanis was born in Samothrace, the Greek « island of Gods ». Strongly affected by the « Victory of Samothrace », Laskaris started detecting Art in every possible aspect. After completing his studies, he moved to Athens to chase his dream:« Couture ». As soon as he graduated from the famous « VELOUDAKIS Fashion School », he perfected his technical knowledge and he got to know the fashion secrets next to top Greek experts, such as G. Vouros, L. Gerardos and Ch. Mailis.

At the same time, he further developed his remarkable aptitude in design and needlework, something that still remains his trademark today.

A flawless piece of clothing in terms of technical adequacy was not his main issue. Laskaris was always fond of simple lines. To him, impressive means simple and authentic. And he is so authentic himself that he became known simply by his first name… Laskaris. After finishing his traineeship in Athens, he moved to Paris to master the draping / moulage technique, and to study visual arts. End of 80s, and after having worked with the most prominent fashion houses, he came back to Greece and presented his first personal collection.

For more than 30 years, singers, actresses, politicians and socialites have chosen his creations. At the same time, Laskaris becomes inextricably linked with Art as he becomes the costume designer for theatrical plays and acts. His Couture creations and accessories are known for his skillful needlework, hand-crafted by well-experienced embroiderers. Laskaris really enjoys using clothes as a canvas.

Artwork has always been a challenge for him, as he always incorporates an element of his beloved Art to his creations. It was not by chance that at the 400th anniversary of El Greco's death, he designed a titular collection presented abroad, being inspired by the details of Doménikos Theotokópoulos’ masterpieces. Laskaris is inspired by the structures and the schematic particularities of painting, sculpture and architecture.

He conceives the light as a form of waves and artfully captures it through his creations. As the designer believes: Everything begins from- and ends to Light, our inner Light.    For this season, Laskaris presents his Couture Autumn-Winter 2017-18 collection, in Paris based on the « Prism » of Life.